Mary Anne Johnson

For more than twenty years, I have been immersed in what is clearly the most dynamic marketing environment in history. Driven as much by technology as the marketplace itself, today’s marketing ecosystem bears little resemblance to what it was just a few years ago. What was once a straightforward process of identifying a few objectives and launching a simple campaign to achieve them has become exponentially more complex—with new media opportunities, new ways to measure your efforts—and an audience that is increasingly under siege by marketing messaging of every stripe. To succeed in today’s environment you need a mix of experience, innovation, structure and focus—qualities I bring to every engagement. on the other hand, it’s marketing, and it ought to be fun. Having spent half my career on the agency side, I understand that. Most of us got into the agency business because it’s fun. And while having all of that fun, I also learned how strong, supportive client relationships not only make engagements more effective, they also make them more enjoyable. Which is why many of my clients end up being lifelong friends, and vice versa. 

— Mary Anne Johnson, President